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Orange arrow What are the payroll submission deadlines?

  What time is it? It's time to submit your payroll. What time do I have to have it submitted by? It is very important to have your payroll submitted as early as possible to ensure adequate time for processing. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at our support number below and hav...
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Orange arrow What are the different types of federal forms and publications?

  There are many forms a business may be required to file and some their employees are required to present to them. Below is a list of the most common federal forms employers and employees will see. I-9 The I-9 form is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals h...
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Orange arrow How do I report tips?

  Tips are an important part of many types of businesses. Reporting and handling tips correctly is crucial. Tips and payroll entry When entering or reporting tips, watch the kind of tips being reported. In Evolution, the Declared Tips option corresponds to cash tips, or tips already given to the e...
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Orange arrow How can I report or enter my payroll?

  We have many different ways payroll can be reported currently. This offers flexibility in ease of use, accuracy and security to fit the needs of each business. To report payroll to your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR) Time clock import - Time clocks / time sheets provide accuracy and eas...
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Orange arrow What options do I have for receiving check envelopes to be delivered with my payroll package?

  Payville USA offers check envelopes in a variety of ways. Please note that there may be fees for the following payroll packaging methods. Methods for receiving check envelopes1) Stuff and seal checks in check envelopes With each payroll we will ensure all checks are in envelopes and sealed upon ...
Orange arrow Can I have my payroll package delivered on a Saturday?

  Yes, you can, unless that Saturday falls on a Federal holiday. Click here for more information on federal holidays. There are two delivery services that provide Saturday deliveries for payroll packages.United Delivery ServiceIf the destination location is in Chicago or certain closely surrounding s...
Orange arrow What information does Payville USA need when changing a package delivery address?

  If you are moving, going out of business, or you would just like your payroll package delivered to a different address, we will gladly change your package delivery label and update our system. Please let your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR) know of any change of addresses or change of cont...
Orange arrow Where can I find instructions for special 2015 Year End needs?

  2015 Year End Survival Guide Year End Quick Reference Guide - December 2015...
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Orange arrow What are the changes in rates and limits for 2016?

  Type 2016 Rate Wage Base Limit 2016 Max Paid (ER) Max Withheld (EE) OASDI (remains the same) EE/ER 6.2% $118,500 $7347.00 $7347.00 Medicare Wages over $200,000 EE/ER 1.45% EE Only Additional 0.9% No Limit No Limit ...

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