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Orange arrow My business is changing locations, how do I inform the Illinois Department of Revenue?

  ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE ADDRESS CHANGE There are 4 different methods in which you can inform the Illinois Department of Revenue that your business has changed its address. By phone – 217-785-3707 Please complete the following to inform by e-mail: Log into the Tax Payer Answer C...
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Orange arrow What forms or documents will Payville USA need from me?

  Do you have a new employee? Do you need to provide a Reporting Agent Authorization Form, but do not have one? Below are a list of common forms Payville USA will need to best assist with your payroll needs. Application and Setup forms New Hire Setup Form Section 125 POP Plan Services Agreement...
Orange arrow What are the changes in rates and limits for 2016?

  Type 2016 Rate Wage Base Limit 2016 Max Paid (ER) Max Withheld (EE) OASDI (remains the same) EE/ER 6.2% $118,500 $7347.00 $7347.00 Medicare Wages over $200,000 EE/ER 1.45% EE Only Additional 0.9% No Limit No Limit ...

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