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Orange arrow What is a Control Group?

  A Control Group can be defined in one of the following ways: Parent-subsidiary group A parent-subsidiary group is one or more chains of corporations connected through stock ownership with a common parent corporation if: Stock possessing at least 80% of the total combined voting power of al...
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Orange arrow What are the Affordable Care Act Certifications of Eligibility?

  Below highlights each Certification of Eligibility. Please speak with an accountant or your health care provider to determine if you meet one or all of these. Qualifying Offer Method In an attempt to ease the reporting burden for employers who offer minimum essential coverage at a very minimal ra...
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Orange arrow Affordable Care Act (ACA) FAQ

  What is an Applicable Large Employer (ALE)? Are you one? Who is a Full Time Employee? Who is a Full Time Equivalent (FTE)? How do I determine a Full Time Employee? What is a Measurement Period? What is a stability Period? What is a Control Group? What is Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)? Wha...
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