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Orange arrow Who needs to pay Wisconsin use tax?

  Did you make any taxable purchasesfrom out-of-state firmsin 2014 on which sales and use tax was not charged? If yes, you must report Wisconsin sales and use tax on these purchases on line 34 if they were stored, used, or consumed in Wisconsin. You must also report sales and use tax on taxable purch...
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Orange arrow Can I Deduct Education Related Tuition and Fees on My Wisconsin Return?

  You may be able to claim a subtraction for up to $6,940 (per student) of the amount you paid during 2014 for tuition and mandatory student fees for you, your spouse (if married filing a joint return), and children whom you claim as dependents on your federal income tax return CAUTION If you claime...
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Orange arrow Can I recover the amount of federal itemized deductions that was taxable on my Wisconsin return in prior year?

  Fill in any amount included as income on your federal tax return that is a recovery of a federal itemized deduction from a prior year for which you did not receive a Wisconsin tax benefit. Example You claimed an itemized deduction on your 2013 federal tax return for a casualty loss of $2,000. You c...
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Orange arrow Can I subtract Wisconsin Retirement Benefits on my Wisconsin return?

  Military and Uniformed Services Retirement Benefits You may subtract retirement payments received from: (1) The U.S. military retirement system (including payments from the Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan or the Survivor Benefit Plan), and (2) The U.S. government that relate to service ...
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Orange arrow What is Wisconsin Renter's and Homeowner's School Property Tax Credit?

  You may claim a credit if you paid rent for living quarters used as your primary residence OR you paid property taxes on your home. You are eligible for a credit whether or not you claim homestead credit. Note - You may not claim the school property tax credit if you (or your spouse) are claiming...
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Orange arrow How do you enter rent paid used in figuring out Wisconsin Renter's School Tax Credit?

  Step 1 - Rent Paid Fill in on the appropriate line(s) the total rent that you paid in 2014 for living quarters (1) where the heat was included in the rent, and (2) where the heat was not included in the rent. These living quarters must have been used as your principal home. Do not include rent tha...
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Orange arrow What is My Share of Property Tax When FIlling out Schedule H or H-EZ if I Owned or Share a Homestead in Wisconsin?

  If you owned your homestead with others, use only that portion of the net property taxes that reflects your percentage of ownership, unless one of the following situations applies. a) If the other owner was your spouse who lived with you all year, you may use all of the net property taxes. b) If t...
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Orange arrow What can I subtract under Wisconsin other subtractions?

  The following are Other subtractions: Medical Care Insurance Long-Term Care Insurance Tuition and Fee Expenses Military and Uniformed Services Retirement Benefits Local and State Retirement Benefits Federal Retirement Benefits Railroad Retirement Benefits, Railroa...
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Orange arrow Wisconsin Armed Forces Member Credit

  The armed forces member credit is available to certain members of the U.S. armed forces. You may claim the credit if you meet all of the following: - You were on active duty, and - You received military pay from the federal government, and - The military pay was for services performed while stat...
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Orange arrow State of Wisconsin contact and mailing information

  Where to File - Mail your return to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at: If tax is due: PO Box 268, Madison, WI 53790-0001 If refund or no tax due: PO Box 59, Madison, WI 53785-0001 If homestead credit claimed: PO Box 34, Madison, WI 53786-0001 WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF REVENUEElectronic F...
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Orange arrow How do I enter the Wisconsin Property Taxes for figuring out the Homeowner's School Property Credit?

  Property Taxes Paid on Home - Fill in the amount of property taxes that you paid on your home. Do not include: - Charges for special assessments, delinquent interest, or services that may be included on your tax bill (such as trash removal, recycling fee, or a water bill). - Property taxes that y...
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Orange arrow How do I correct a mistake I made on my Wisconsin state tax return?

  If you filed an amended return with the Internal Revenue Service or another state, you generally must also file an amended Wisconsin return within 90 days. You need to file an amended Wisconsin return if the changes affect your Wisconsin income, any credit, or tax payable. Use Form 1X to file an am...
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Orange arrow How do I apply for an extension for my Wisconsin state taxes?

  Your return is due April 15. If you cannot file on time, you can get an extension. You may use any federal extension provision for Wisconsin, even if you are filing your federal return by April 15. How to get an extension You do not need to submit a request for an extension to the department prior ...
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Orange arrow How can I check the refund of my Wisconsin state tax refund?

  Call: (608) 266-8100 in Madison, (414) 227-4907 in Milwaukee, or 1-866-WIS-RFND (1 866 947 7363) toll-free within the U.S. or Canada Visit our Web Site at: If you need to contact us about your refund, please wait at least 10 weeks after filing your Form 1. Refund information ma...
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Orange arrow Who must file a Wisconsin state tax return?

  Who Must File Refer to the table to see if you are required to file a return in Wisconsin. Filing status Age as of December 31 You must file if your gross income* (or total gross income of husband and wife) was: Single Under 65 65 or Older $10,630 or more $10,880 or more ...
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