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Orange arrow West Virginia PIN or WV-8453

  IRS approved PIN signatures will be the preferred signature method for the West Virginia e-file program. The PIN signature method is employed to make the e-file process as paperless as possible. This method can only be used if the return is filed through the joint federal/state program. If the taxp...
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Orange arrow Virginia Use Tax

  You are required to pay consumer’s use tax on purchases, leases, and rentals of tangible personal property acquired in or outside Virginia for storage, use or consumption in Virginia if retail sales and use tax was not collected on the transaction. Examples include untaxed purchases made (1) ...
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Orange arrow Virginia earned income credit or credit for low income

  You may be eligible to claim a Credit for Low-Income Individuals if your family Virginia adjusted gross income (family VAGI) is equal to or less than the federal poverty guidelines and you meet the Eligibility Requirements. You are eligible for the Virginia Earned Income Credit if you claimed an Ea...
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Orange arrow How do I know if I need to file a Virginia amended return?

  If you or the Internal Revenue Service amends your federal return resulting in changes to your taxable income or any amount affecting the Virginia return, you must file an amended Virginia return within one year. In addition, if you file an amended return with any other state that affects your Virg...
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Orange arrow How can I contact the state of Virginia about my taxes?

  Customer Service Inquiries: Send a secure e-mail. Log on to our iFile Secure Message Center at to make confidential inquiries and receive answers to your account questions without ever having to call or write us. While traditional or non-secure e-mail is still available, please...
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Orange arrow How can I apply for an extension to file my Virginia state taxes?

  Virginia law provides an automatic six-month filing extension for income tax returns. No application for extension is required. The extension is for filing the return, not for payment of the tax; therefore, you must pay at least 90 percent of your tax by the due date, May 3 for calendar year filers...
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Orange arrow How can I check the status of my Virginia state refund?

  Where's My Refund? Go online or call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. File electronically and your refund will usually be processed in about 1 week. File on paper and your refund will take about 4 weeks from the date we receive it. If you request a paper refund check instead of direct deposit, add an...
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Orange arrow How do I determine my Virginia residency status?

  Virginia Residents File Form 760, Resident Return, if: - You were an actual or domiciliary (see below) resident for the entire year; or - You were an actual or domiciliary resident for a portion of the year, but all of your income for the entire year was from Virginia sources. File Form 760PY, Par...
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Orange arrow How do I know if I am required to file a Virginia state tax return?

  Residents (including dependents and students) must file an individual income tax return if: Single, and Virginia adjusted gross income is $11,950 or more Married, filing a joint or combined return, and total Virginia adjusted gross income for both spouses is $23,900 or more Married, filing a s...
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Orange arrow Virginia Payment Options

  You may use OLTPRO to do a direct debit payment when filing the Virginia return. Here are more payment options: Online Services for Individuals Online Services for Individuals offers a variety of free online options for payment of Individual Income Tax, using either your checking or savings accou...
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Orange arrow Virginia Land Preservation Credit

  Virginia allows an income tax credit for 40 percent of the value of donated land or conservation easements. Taxpayers may use up to $20,000 per year in 2015 and 2016 and then $50,000 per year in subsequent tax years. Tax credits may be carried forward for up to 13 years. Unused credits may be sold,...
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Orange arrow Virginia Political Contribution Credit

  You may qualify to claim this credit if you made contributions to political candidates in a primary, special, or general election for local or state office. The election must be held in the year in which the contribution is made. The Virginia credit is equal to 50% of the political contributions m...
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Orange arrow What is the Riparian Forest Buffer Protection for Waterways Tax Credit?

  Introduction Wooded buffers along streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay are called riparian forests and help protect our water quality. Virginia landowners can receive a tax credit for preserving riparian forest buffers along waterways during a timber harvest operation. Riparian Buffer Tax Credi...
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Orange arrow Virginia Livable Home Tax Credit (formerly Home Accessibility Credit) Tax Credit

  Individuals or licensed contractors filing Virginia income tax returns who have incurred costs for the purchase/construction of new residential units withaccessibility or universal visitability features, or for the retrofitting of existing residential units with these features, on or after January ...
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Orange arrow Virginia Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

  The Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR) administers the Virginia State Tax Credit, which does allow for owner-occupied properties to participate, as well as income-producing properties, if they meet the substantial rehabilitation requirements. The state credit is 25% of eligible reha...
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