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Orange arrow Married Filing Separate Returns on the Same Form

  Montana Filing Status Married, Filing Separate Returns on the Same Form If both you and your spouse have income, you can file your Montana tax returns separately, even if you filed your federal income tax return jointly. But, if you and your spouse file separately, you will each need to report yo...
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Orange arrow Montana Child and Dependent Care Expense Deduction

  If you pay for household or dependent care services for a child under the age of 15, or for a disabled dependent while you are searching for gainful employment, or while you and your spouse both were at work, you can qualify for a child and dependent care expense deduction. To qualify for this ded...
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Orange arrow Montana Family Education Savings Account Deposits and Earnings

  A person can establish a Family Education Savings Account (FESA), also known as a 529 plan, to reduce the cost of saving for college. To establish your Montana family education savings account or for additional information, call the Achieve Montana Program at (877) 486-9271 or visit https://achieve...
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Orange arrow Montana Payment Options

  You can pay the amount you owe by: ● Electronic funds withdrawal when e-filing your joint federal/state tax return. You can Schedule your withdrawal for a later date. ●E-check or credit/debit card-visit revenue.mt.gov and click on TransAction Portal (TAP) or Income Tax Express (ITE) e-payment se...
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Orange arrow Montana Check-Offs

  Montana law provides you with the opportunity to contribute, via your income tax return, to the following programs. You can contribute any amount to any of these four programs. Your contribution will increase the amount you owe or reduce the amount of your refund. Nongame Wildlife Program. You...
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Orange arrow Montana Additions

  You may need to add additional items of income to your federal adjusted gross income in order to arrive at your Montana adjusted gross income. Complete Form 2, Schedule I to determine the amount of additions to enter. Recovery of Federal Income Tax Deducted in 2020 If you received a federal income...
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Orange arrow Montana Other Subtractions

  State Income Tax Refunds Income tax refunds received from Montana or another state are not taxable. If you are required to include your state income tax refund in your Federal Adjusted Gross Income on Form 2, Schedule 1, line 10, you can exclude that amount. Interest and Mutual Funds Dividends fro...
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Orange arrow How can I file an extension for my Montana state taxes?

  Extensions are for filing only. You must still pay your tax liability by the due date to avoid penalties and interest (April 18, 2022 for 2021 return) Automatic Six-Month Extension You receive an automatic six-month extension to file your individual income tax return. You do not nee...
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Orange arrow How can I amend my Montana state tax return?

  If you discover that your tax return was incorrect, you have five years from the due date of the original return to file an amended Montana tax return and to correct any mistake on your previous return. When you file this amended return, you will need to complete a new Montana tax return that refle...
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Orange arrow How can I check the status of my Montana state refund?

  Where's My Refund: http://revenue.mt.gov/online_services/wheres-my-refund Call our Citizen Services Call Center for assistance with your individual, nonresident, or business tax questions. Our hours of service are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mountain Time)Toll-Free - 1 (866) 859-2254...
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Orange arrow Who is required to file a Montana state tax return?

  IF your filing status is AND at the end of the year you were THEN you should file a tax return if your federal gross income, excluding unemployment compensation was at least Single, or married filing separately Under 65 Over 65 $4,830 $7,410 Head of house...
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Orange arrow Montana Deductions

  Standard or Itemized Deductions You must choose between the standard deduction or itemized deductions. To figure which is more beneficial (generally the larger of the two) complete the Standard Deduction Worksheet and the Itemized Deductions Schedule. When you and your spouse file, you must both u...
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Orange arrow I am a North Dakota resident earning wages in Montana. How do I file a Montana income tax return?

  Reciprocity North Dakota has income tax reciprocity agreements with the states of Minnesota and Montana. If certain conditions in the agreements are met, compensation for services is taxable only by the state of residence. Minnesota and Montana residents If you are a resident of Minnesota and main...
Orange arrow How can I contact the state of Montana about my taxes?

  Important Numbers Tax Questions and Assistance - toll free (866) 859-2254, (in Helena, 444-6900) Forms Request - toll free (866) 859-2254, (in Helena, 444-6900) For the Hearing Impaired - (406) 444-2830 Fax - (406) 444-6642 If you have a refund or no payment due: Montana Department of Revenue PO B...
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Orange arrow Montana Underpayment Penalty

  Interest on Underpayment of Estimated Taxes. You are required to pay your income tax liability throughout the year. You can make your payments through employer withholding, installment payments of estimated taxes, or a combination of both. If you did not pay in advance at least 90% of your income t...
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