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Orange arrow Are there any other Colorado subtractions from federal taxable income?

  State Income Tax Refund from federal income tax form 1040 or 1040 SR, Schedule 1 line 1 U.S. Government Interest Pension, Annuity, IRA, Social Security, or Disability Income Military Retirement Benefits (under age 55), you must submit copies of all 1099R statements with your return Colorado Cap...
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Orange arrow What penalties and interest will I pay if I file late in Colorado?

  An automatic six-month extension of time for filing the Colorado income tax return is allowed for all taxpayers. However, an extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay the tax. If at least 90% of the net tax liability is not paid by April 15, a late payment penalty plus interest w...
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Orange arrow What Do I Do with U.S. Government Interest?

  Interest income from United States government obligations is taxable by the federal government. Interest from U.S. government obligations is generally exempt from Colorado income tax. For more specific details see the Colorado FYI 20....
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Orange arrow What is the Colorado Pension and Annuity Subtraction?

  Pension and Annuity Subtraction You might be eligible to subtract the income you earned from a pension or annuity. We recommend that you read publication FYI Income 25 if this applies to you. This subtraction is allowed only for pension or annuity income that is included in your federal taxable...
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Orange arrow If I am Eligible for Both the PERA/DPS Modification and the Pension Subtraction, Which One Should I Claim?

  PERA/DPSRS Subtraction If you made contributions to PERA between July 1, 1984, and December 31, 1986, or to Denver Public Schools District No. 1 Retirement during 1986 and your 2021 federal taxable income includes pension income, see FYI Income 16 to determine if you can take a subtraction for an...
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Orange arrow How Does Living Abroad Affect the Filing of My Colorado Taxes?

  Persons Traveling or Residing Abroad If you are traveling or residing outside the United States on April 15,2022, the deadline for filing your return is June 15, 2022. If you need additional time to file your return, you will automatically have until October 15, 2022, to file. Interest is due on...
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Orange arrow Am I Required to File a Colorado Return?

  Who Must File This Tax Return Each year you must evaluate if you should file a Colorado income tax return. Generally, you must file this return if you are required to file a federal income tax return with the IRS for this year or will have a Colorado income tax liability for this year and you are:...
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Orange arrow How Do I Determine My Residency Status for Colorado?

  A Colorado resident is a person who has made a home in Colorado, or a person whose intention is to be a Colorado resident. As evidence of a person's intentions, the Department of Revenue will consider, among other factors, Colorado voter registration, Colorado vehicle registration, Colorado driv...
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Orange arrow Can Contributions to a Tuition Program be Deducted?

  CollegeInvest Contribution Contributions to CollegeInvest can be deducted from your return. The contribution must have been included on your federal income tax return and calculated as part of your federal taxable income. We recommend that you read publication FYI Income 44 if this applies to you....
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Orange arrow How do I check on the status of my Colorado refund?

  Where's My Refund?: https://www.colorado.gov/revenueonline/_/#1 Enter the Refund Amount reported on the original return. OR Enter a PIN or Letter ID from a letter you received from the department....
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Orange arrow I owe Colorado. What are my payment options?

  If you owe tax, a payment voucher will be included with your forms to mail payment. If possible, pay part of the balance due with your voucher to minimize the penalty and interest you will owe. You will be mailed a bill for the balance. For the state of Colorado, you have three payment options ...
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Orange arrow When Do I Need to File my Colorado State Taxes?

  Due Date The DR 0104 and any tax payment owed are due April 15, 2022. Revenue Online will accept returns as timely filed until midnight. Returns that are mailed must be postmarked by April 15. An automatic extension to file is granted until October 15, but there is no extension to pay....
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Orange arrow How can I contact the Colorado state department?

  Revenue Online and Secure Messaging The Department offers many services through Revenue Online. You can file or amend a return, submit required return attachments, monitor your account activity, pay taxes, check the status of a refund, file a protest and send a secure message to Department staff....
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Orange arrow How Can I file for a Colorado Extension?

  Automatic Filing Extension Colorado offers an automatic 6-month extension to file your income tax return if you cannot submit your return by the April 15 due date. This means that you can file your return by October 15 without filing this form. While there is an extension to file, there is not an...
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Orange arrow How Can I Amend My Colorado State Tax Return?

  Correcting Errors or Changing a Return Individual income tax returns from 2009 and forward may be amended electronically through Revenue Online (state website). Filing and amending returns in Revenue Online is a free service. You may amend online even if the original return was filed on paper. Re...
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