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Orange arrow Delaware S Corporation Payments

  Enter on Line 36, Column A and/or B the Delaware estimated tax payment made on your behalf by an S Corporation. Attach a copy of the Delaware Form 1100S, Schedule A-1 reflecting the payment. Be sure to include DE Schedule V (Form PIT-RSS)....
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Orange arrow Why was my Delaware refund intercepted?

  The Delaware Division of Revenue refunds are subject to interception for the purpose of collecting outstanding liabilities for the Division of Revenue as well as collection of outstanding liabilities for the following agencies. Child Support Superior Courts (three counties) Justice of the Peac...
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Orange arrow What types of Delaware returns are excluded from e-file?

  All prior year returns must be printed and mailed for filing. All amended returns must be printed and mailed for filing....
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Orange arrow How do I check on the status of my Delaware refund?

  To check your Delaware refund status: https://dorweb.revenue.delaware.gov/scripts/refinq/refinq.dll You will need your SSN and amount of your refund....
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Orange arrow Delaware Residency

  Who is a Resident A resident is an individual who either: • Is domiciled in this State for any part of the taxable year; or Full-Time Students with a legal residence in another state remain legal residents of that state unless they exhibit intentions to make Delaware their permanent residen...
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Orange arrow How do I contact Delaware state department?

  Personal tax assistance 302-577-8200 Address to: State of Delaware, Division of Revenue Resident/PY/Non-resident Returns Refund P.O. Box 8710 Wilmington DE 19899-8710 Resident/PY/Non-resident Returns Balance Due P.O. Box 508 Wilmington DE 19899 – 508 Resident/PY/Non-residen...
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Orange arrow How do I calculate penalties and interest?

  Penalties and Interest Due You may compute the amount of penalties and interest due or you may leave Line 4 blank and the Division of Revenue will calculate the amount for you and send you a bill. Penalties may be assessed for filing a balance due return late, failure to pay the tax liability due, ...
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Orange arrow Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Credit

  Volunteer Firefighter's Credit The law allows a credit of $500 against the income tax liability of Delaware residents who are active firefighters, or members of fire company auxiliaries or rescue squads. To qualify for the credit, you must be an active volunteer firefighter on call to fight fires o...
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Orange arrow Delaware Filing Status

  FILING STATUS 1 – SINGLE TAXPAYER If you were single on December 31, 2021, consider yourself Single for the whole year and use Filing Status 1. FILING STATUS 2, 3, AND 4 – MARRIED TAXPAYERS You may file Joint, Separate, or Combined Separate Delaware returns. If you use Filing Status 4...
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Orange arrow Can I claim a Child Care Credit on my Delaware return?

  Child Care Credit A resident individual is allowed a credit against his/her individual tax in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the child and dependent care credit allowable for federal income tax purposes. Use the worksheet provided below to compute the amount of the deduction. The Child Care ...
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Orange arrow Delaware Personal Credit Exemptions

  Personal Credits Enter the total number of personal exemptions claimed on your federal return, and multiply by $110 for your Delaware personal credit. If you are married and filing a combined separate return, split the total between you and your spouse in increments of $110. If you are married and ...
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Orange arrow Delaware Foreign Taxes Paid

  Foreign Taxes Paid If you elected the Foreign Tax Credit on your federal return, your federal itemized deductions, allowed as Delaware itemized deductions, will be increased by the amount of foreign taxes actually paid. Foreign taxes accrued, but not paid, are not allowed as an addition....
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Orange arrow Am I Able to Claim a Delaware Pension Exclusion?

  Pension Exclusion Amounts received as pensions from employers (including pensions of a deceased taxpayer) may qualify for an exclusion from Delaware taxable income, subject to the limitations described below. An early distribution from an IRA or Pension fund due to emergency reasons or a separatio...
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Orange arrow How Do I Claim the Delaware Other State Tax Credit?

  Other State Tax Credit If you are a resident of Delaware (or elect to be taxed as one) and pay income taxes to another State on income earned in the other State which is also included in your Delaware taxable income, the law allows you a tax credit against your Delaware income tax. Do not include ...
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Orange arrow Delaware Payment Options

  Direct (ACH) debit Payment is made electronically from a checking or savings account. You must provide your bank's routing number and your account number. Funds must come from a U.S. account. You can specify a later payment date, up to the due date. No limit to payment amount. Credit ca...
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