Colorado Homeless Prevention Fund

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Colorado Homeless Prevention Fund


The Homeless Prevention Activities Program (HPAP), enacted in 1989 by the Colorado General Assembly, provides assistance to households at risk of losing their homes without some kind of community assistance.  Through voluntary contributions on their Colorado tax returns, Colorado residents can help non-profit organizations throughout the state provide services to eligible clients.

The Colorado Homeless Prevention check off funds will:

  • Help families and individuals who are at risk of losing their homes and becoming homeless due to job loss, illness and circumstances beyond their control.
  • Ensure a minimum of 75% of the funds are used for payments directly to landlords and vendors on behalf of the households for rent, mortgage or utility payments. No more than 25% may be used for administrative costs.
  • Distribute funds statewide through the use of a county by county allocation formula.
  • Select local agencies to provide the prevention assistance through a competitive grant process.

The services provided by the funded agencies include:

  • Financial assistance such as payments to landlords and utility companies on behalf of families and individuals at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Case management services.
  • Support services aimed at stabilizing families and individuals such as employment and budget counseling, landlord and utility company mediation, and referrals to a variety of services as appropriate.


Over 300 households receive assistance through the Homeless Prevention Activities Program each year.  Since its inception, the program has assisted over 13,000 families with over 4.5 million dollars. .

Typically, about 75% are families with children and over half of the families have annual incomes less than $12,000.  In addition, 45% of the families are ethnic minorities and over two-thirds of the household heads are employed.  Of the households served, all are recipients of intensive case management services.  The average amount of assistance per family is approximately $350.

Without the Homeless Prevention Activities Program, these families could have easily become homeless. Your voluntary contributions help them stay in their homes and stabilize their lives.

Contact Information:

Annie Bacci
Homeless Programs Manager
State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs
Division of Housing
1313 Sherman Street, Room 500
Denver, CO 80203


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