Moving Expenses - Travel and Lodging

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Moving Expenses - Travel and Lodging


Travel expenses

For complete information, please refer to Publication 521 at the IRS website  You can deduct the cost of transportation and lodging for yourself and members of your household while traveling from your former home to your new home.   

You can include any lodging expenses you had in the area of your former home within one day after you could no longer live in your former home because your furniture had been moved.

You can deduct expenses for only one trip to your new home for yourself and members of your household. However, all of you do not have to travel together or at the same time. If you use your own car, see Travel by car, below.

Travel by car 

If you use your car to take yourself, members of your household, or your personal effects to your new home, you can figure your expenses by deducting either:

  1. Your actual expenses, such as gas and oil for your car, if you keep an accurate record of each expense, or
  2. The standard mileage rate of  24 cents a mile.

You can add parking fees and tolls to the amount claimed under either method.

You cannot deduct any part of general repairs, general maintenance, insurance, or depreciation for your car.

For more information on Moving Expesnses, see Form 3903.

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