What information is required to return a product for repair or exchange from an international location?

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What information is required to return a product for repair or exchange from an international location?


If you purchased your product from an international reseller, contact that reseller for return procedures.

If you purchased your product direct from Primera USA or from a USA reseller contact Primera USA support to request and RMA.  If you have already received your RMA follow this guide to fill out customs documentation:


You are responsible for shipping the product to us. We recommend you take it to a courier service, such as FedEx or UPS. We strongly recommend you get a tracking number for the shipment. Insurance is recommended.

Commercial Invoice:

All international shipments require a Commercial Invoice to accompany the products into the USA. You may use your own Commercial Invoice format, or the example at this link. If you have any questions while preparing an international shipment for return to Primera USA, please send email to support@primera.com and cc: intl@primera.com for assistance.

Packages less than 100 lbs. (45 kg) per box should be returned via FedEx. Do not ship via any other freight forwarder. Packages without proper customs documentation may be severely delayed and possibly returned to sender.

Your Commercial Invoice should contain the following:

  • Return Type: U.S Product being returned for (Choose one: Credit, Repair or Exchange)
  • Product Code: (Product Name and Part Number) See subject of RMA Email
  • Value for Customs Purposes = $___________USD (see table below)
  • Harmonized Tariff: For repairs only:  9801.00.1043 for disc publishers, or, 9801.00.1045 for other products.
  • Primera's Federal Tax ID: is 41-1899601
  • Country of Manufacture: USA

Please use the following values for customs purposes:


Exchange / Repair Value


Exchange / Repair Value

 Bravo 41xx / XRP *

$400 / $200

 Bravo 42xx / XRP*

$400 / $200

 Bravo SE or SE-3*

$400 / $200


$700 / $400

 Bravo2 / XR

$500 / $200


$300 / $200

 Bravo Pro / XRP *

$400 / $200

 Signature / Z6

$300 / $100

 Bravo XRn

$800 / $400


$800 / $300

 CX1200/FX1200 **

$1800 / $900


$200 / $100

 LX900 / LX910

$500 / $300



 LX800 / LX810

$400 / $200



 LX400 or LX500

$300 / $200




$800 / $400

 Ink Cartridges

$5 each

*For Blu-ray Disc Publishers add $100
** Printer Only – Country of Origin = China These values do not reflect actual value for shipping insurance purposes.


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