The media is invalid - PTPublisher Error in job log.

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The media is invalid - PTPublisher Error in job log.



The media is invalid - PTPublisher Error in job log.

PTPublisher and the recorder drive cannot read the disc information of the media inserted into the drive.  In other words, it can't read information about the media including, what brand of media it is, if it is blank, the amount of available space or the type of media.  This can happen more frequently using DVD+DL media.

You can adjust the timeout period PTPublisher waits before it gives up trying to read the disc.  This timeout is stored in the PTPublisherSettings.xml file which is located here:

Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PTI\PTPublisher\PTPublisherSettings.xml

Windows Vista:

Add the following key under App_Options:


Change the 30 to the desired time which roughly corresponds to seconds.  30 is the value that is the most consistent for reading DVD+R DL media. 

Note: You may want to change this time out back to the default of 10 if you are burning other types of media.  Leaving the time out at 30 or higher has the potential to decrease your throughput for other types of media where the longer timeout is not necessary.

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