Can the warning points for low ink be adjusted on the LX900?

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Can the warning points for low ink be adjusted on the LX900?



Can the warning points for low ink be adjusted on the LX900?


Yes! You can adjust the low ink warning level on the LX900 in two ways.


1. Edit this file: 

"C:\ProgramData\PTI\Drivers\Color Label 900\pt_900.ini"

Adjust the values of these keys.  

; Status Monitor will warn user of "Low Ink" at Start of Job

; IF % remaining ink is less than this value

InkLowPercent = 10         

InkVeryLowPercent = 0



Note: InkLowPercent is the ink warning that is received at the beginning of a large multi copy job. InkVeryLowPercent is the ink warning that is received in the middle of a multi copy job.  Both ink warnings will stop printing.


2. You may also edit this file:


"C:\Program Files\Primera Technology\PTStatus\PTStatus.exe.config"


Open the file with Notepad.


Edit this section:


            <setting name="maxCyanSpits" serializeAs="String">



            <setting name="maxMagentaSpits" serializeAs="String">



            <setting name="maxYellowSpits" serializeAs="String">



            <setting name="maxBlackSpits" serializeAs="String">



To make the printer warn of low ink later, increase the value. To make it warn earlier, decrease the value. The total value is 2 Billion, so you will need to increase or decrease by large percentages to make a difference. 


Changing this value will not change the displayed 10% warning point. It will still warn at 10 percent, 0 percent, etc. However, changing this value will change what 10% actually represents. 


You would really only change this value if you always print the exact same label and you were discovering that warning points were inaccurate or you wanted to change it so that the 10 percent warning represented when the cartridge was typically empty.


If your goal is to make the 10% warning be where the 0% warning is now, you would increase the spit value for each color by 10%, or set it to 2200000000.

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