How long do die cutting blades last? (FX1200)

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How long do die cutting blades last? (FX1200)



How long do die cutting blades last? (FX1200)

The longevity of the blades depends on

  • the type of material being used;
  • how much material was cut; and 
  • the number of times the blades scored through the liner coming into contact with the wear strip.    

Blades can last up to 40,000 linear feet.  However, in most cases you will get less than that because of the factors above.  Keep in mind that paper stock tends to wear down the blades at a faster rate than polyester or vinyl stock.


You may be able to extend the life of your blades by increasing the cut pressure. 


If your blades are suddenly not cutting, one or more may have broken.  Look at the blades under low magnification (10x Loupe).  You will be able to see the break.  Breaks can occur if the blade comes in contact with and cuts through the wear strip.

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