What is Virginia Political Contribution?

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What is Virginia Political Contribution?


You may voluntarily donate all or part of your tax refund to one or more qualifying organizations. Enter the contribution code(s) and amount(s) you are donating in the boxes. If you want to donate to more than 3 organizations, enter “00” and the total amount donated to the organizations on Line 2. Enclose a schedule showing the organization code, name and amount donated to each.

60 Virginia Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Program

61 Democratic Political Party

62 Republican Political Party

64 Virginia Housing Program

65 Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (Elderly & Disabled Transportation Fund)

67 Virginia Arts Foundation

68 Open Space Recreation & Conservation Fund

78 Children of America Finding Hope

84 Virginia Federation of Humane Societies

86 Spay and Neuter Fund

88 Virginia Cancer Centers

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