Oregon Other Credits

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Oregon Other Credits


Total standard credits from Schedule OR-ASC.

If you qualify for a standard credit, you must include Schedule OR-ASC with your return with the numeric code and amount of the standard credit you’re claiming. Enter the total from Schedule OR-ASC, section 3, on Form 40, line 27. For more information, go to our website or refer to Publication 17½.

Standard credits are listed below.

• Exemption Credit

• Income taxes paid to another state [code 802].

• Exception for Oregon resident partners and S corporation shareholders [Credit code 815]

• Mutually taxed gain on the sale of residential property [code 806].

• Oregon Cultural Trust contributions [code 807].

• Oregon Veterans’ Home physicians [code 808].

  Political Contributions [code 809]

• Reservation enterprise zone [code 810].

• Retirement income [code 811].

• Rural EMTs [code 812].

• Rural health practitioners [code 813].



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