Kansas Payments

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Kansas Payments


The Department of Revenue offers three options to pay your Kansas income tax: credit card, direct payment, or check/money order.


Credit Card

Payment by credit card is available online through third-party vendors. Visit our Electronic Services website at https://www. ksrevenue.org/eservices.html for a current list of vendors authorized to accept individual income tax payments for Kansas. A convenience fee, based on the amount of tax you are paying, will be charged.


Direct Payment

If you choose WebFile or IRS e-File to file your Kansas return, Direct Payment is an option during the filing process to pay your balance due. Electronic payments can also be made if you file a paper return by calling 785-368-8222; or log into our Customer Service Center at ksrevenue.org for an online transaction.

When you select Direct Payment and provide your bank routing number and account number, you are authorizing the Department of Revenue to initiate an electronic payment from your account for payment of your balance due. Direct Payment allows you to file now, pay later – For example, if you file your return on March 20 and elect Direct Payment, you can have your bank account debited on the due date (see When to File on page 4).

With Direct Payment, you are also assured that your payment is made on time. Direct payment authorizations on returns filed by midnight of the due date (see page 4) are considered to be timely paid. Important—You should check with your financial institution to be sure they allow an electronic debit (withdrawal) from your account.

Direct Payment saves time – no check to write and no voucher to complete and mail. If you need to revoke this payment authorization, you must notify the Department of Revenue at 785-368-8222 by 4:00 PM, two business days before the scheduled payment date.


Check or Money Order

If you choose to pay by check or money order, you must complete and submit Form K-40V with your payment. Write the last 4 digits of your Social Security number on your check or money order (example: XXX-XX-1234), ensure it contains a valid telephone number, and make it payable to Kansas Income Tax. If making a payment for someone else (i.e., daughter, son, parent), write that person’s name, telephone number, and last 4 digits of their Social Security number (as shown in the example above) on the check. DO NOT send cash. DO NOT staple or tape your payment to the K-40V or K-40 – instead, enclose it loosely with your return.


Returned checks: A fee of $30.00 plus costs for a registered letter will be charged on all returned checks.




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