Self-Select PIN Program

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Self-Select PIN Program


Self-Select PIN Requirements

The Self-Select PIN will be the only IRS e-file signature method available to taxpayers filing online. 

To get your tax return accepted through e-file, the taxpayer must pass the IRS authentication process as follows:   

One of the following information must match the IRS database: 

- Prior Year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) (enter as a whole number, no comma, decimal, or cents); if this is the first time you filed a tax return, enter "$0" in the prior year AGI field. 

- Or Prior Year Self Select PIN 

Then sign your tax return electronically by selecting a current year pin (any 5 digit number). 

(If you filed the prior year return late or paper filed after Oct 15th, please enter a zero as the AGI amount and leave the prior year self select PIN box blank)


If you receive e-file rejection due to pin error, you will need to correct your return:

Log in and click on "Fix PIN errors".   Correct your provided information and save and continue thru to the end of the software and re-submit.  You will not be charged again. 

If you have tried all of the options above and still cannot get passed the e-file authentication process, then you must file your return on paper by mailing in.  

Limitation: *Taxpayers under age 16 who have never filed cannot efile their first return, the return must be printed and mailed to the IRS and state.


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