What is error IND-025?

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PIN Error rejection


The most common error is in the PIN (electronic signature).  More specifically, the Prior Year Adjusted Gross Income OR  Prior Year PIN do not match what is on the IRS File.

The self select PIN page serves as your signature on your tax return for e-file. Information entered on this page must match IRS records exactly.  If you filed a joint return the previous year, with the same spouse, you will enter the same amount of AGI for both individuals on the return.  It is not a divided amount.  You will need a copy of the return you filed the previous year to find this amount if you do not recall the PIN you used as your signature.  You are only required to use one or the other (PIN or AGI) and not both. 

How to make corrections: 

From our homepage, click on sign in to log in and access your account.  Select the current return that is rejected.

Next, select the Self Select PIN  tab on the left margin of the page (or click on "fix PIN errors"). 

If you e-filed your tax return last year, enter the PIN that you chose last year on the line where we ask for the Last year 5 Digit PIN. If you do not remember what you selected for your PIN last year, you will leave that field blank and enter the AGI (adjusted gross income) from a copy of the return you filed.  It is the  line 8bof the 20189 1040 and says THIS IS YOUR ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME. (Enter the amount as a whole number only, no commas, decimals, or change)

*If you did not e-file your tax return last year, you do not have a prior year PIN and will need to enter your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Your AGI must match the IRS's records exactly so please obtain a copy of the return you filed last year.

**If you did not file a return at all last year, you will enter a 0 (numeric zero) for the prior year AGI amount and leave the prior year pin blank.  Then simply decide what 5 digit PIN you will use to sign electronically and enter it in the current year PIN field to file online.

*** If you are under age 16, you cannot efile your return the first year you file.  You must print and mail.

Once you have made your correction you will then save and continue to the end of your return and resubmit.




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