Someone has claimed my dependent.

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Someone has claimed my dependent.


If your error indicates that one of the dependent's SSN on your return has already been claimed as a dependent on another return, meaning that someone else has already claimed the credit for this individual. Please first verify the name, social security number , and date of birth you entered for this individual to ensure it was entered correctly, as that is a very common cause of this error.

How to correct this error: 

From our homepage, click on sign in to log in and access your account.  Select the current return that is rejected.

Next, go to the My Info tab and scroll to the Dependent and use the EDIT option to check your input and make any necessary corrections. If you are not entitled to claim this dependent this tax season answer "No" to the question -" Claim as dependent?" (If the dependent SSN is entered incorrectly, select to delete the dependent and then "add a new dependent" to enter the correct information.)

If you are entitled to claim this dependent this tax season you will need to paperfile your return in order to dispute the issue with the IRS. You will do this by selecting the Tax Summary tab on the top of the page and then save and continue to the Examine, Verify and Print screen to print and mail your forms. Please note that you must include all income reporting documents, W-2's, 1099's, etc, when paper filing.

Once you have made your correction you will then save and continue to the end of your return and resubmit.

*We strongly recommend checking the status of your return in 24-48 hours using the Login to My Income Tax Return link to verify that your return has been accepted.

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