W-2 errors

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W-2 errors


An error indicating your EIN or employer ID does not match indicates that the EIN (Employer ID Number) located in box b of your W-2 is typed into the program incorrectly in most cases.  You will also want to check the way you entered the name of the company to be sure it matches the W-2.  If you have entered more than one W-2 you will need to verify all W-2 ID numbers in box b to find the culprit or contact customer service for assistance.  (Enter numbers only, do not include the dash or a space)

How to correct this error: 

From our homepage, click on "sign in" to enter the username and password to access your account. Select the current year return that is rejected.

Click on the Income Summary tab and select to revisit the W-2 summary screen.   Revisit each W-2 entry to verify the EIN number. If you entered your EIN exactly as it appears on your W-2 please verify that you have also entered your employers name correctly. If you determine that your entries were correct you will need to contact your employer for clarification.

Once you have made your correction you will then save and continue to the end of your return and resubmit.

*We strongly recommend checking the status of your return in 24-48 hours using the Login to My Income Tax Return link to verify that your return has been accepted.

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