Idaho Recapture of Idaho Broadband Equipment Credit Form 68R

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Idaho Recapture of Idaho Broadband Equipment Credit Form 68R


Form 68 is used to calculate the broadband equipment investment credit earned or allowed.  Each member of a unitary group that earns or is allowed the credit must complete a separate Form 68.

Qualifying Property

You must obtain an order from the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) confirming that your installed equipment is qualified broadband equipment.

Qualified broadband equipment is equipment that qualifies for the investment tax credit and is capable of transmitting signals at a rate of at least 200,000 bits per second to a subscriber and at least 125,000 bits per second from a subscriber.  Also, specific requirements must be met by telecommunications carriers, commercial mobile service carriers, cable or open video system operators, satellite or wireless carriers, packet switching equipment, and multiplexing and demultiplexing equipment.  The equipment must be used primarily to provide services to public subscribers in Idaho

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