How do I correct a mistake I made on my Ohio state return?

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How do I correct a mistake I made on my Ohio state return?


You can file an amended Ohio IT 1040 or SD 100 to report changes to your originally filed return(s). An amended return can result in either a tax due or a refund based on the changes. Under certain circumstances, an amended return may be required.

To amend the Ohio IT 1040 or SD 100, you should file a new return, reflecting all proposed changes, and indicate that it is amended by checking the box at the top of page 1. You must include the IT RE with your amended IT 1040 and/or the SD RE with your amended SD 100. Use your current mailing address on the amended return. Allow at least 120 days from the date of receipt to process your amended return.

For more information, see the "Income - Amended Returns" topic at FAQ.


When Not to Amend Your Return

Some common mistakes may not require an amended return. Some examples include:

● Math errors;

● Missing pages or schedules;

● Demographic errors;

● Missing income statements (W-2, 1099, K-1) or credit certificates;

● Unclaimed payments. In these situations, the Department will either make the corrections or contact you to request documentation

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