Iowa Form 4136 Motor Fuel Tax Credit

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Do I qualify for the Iowa Form 4136 Motor Fuel Tax Credit?


Effective July 1, 2020, the fuel tax rate for Gasoline, Ethanol Blended Gasoline, Alcohol, and Biodiesel B-11 or higher Undyed have changed. Ethanol Blended Gasoline, including E-85, is now separated into two different tax categories: E-10 to E-14 and E-15 or higher. E-85 is now part of Ethanol Blended Gasoline E-15 or higher. All other fuel types were unchanged. Resident and nonresident individuals, fiduciaries of estates and trusts, and C corporations may claim a tax credit on their income tax returns for fuel that was purchased during the tax period to be used in unlicensed vehicles for non-highway purposes.




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