Casualty and Theft - Duration and Type

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Casualty and Theft - Duration and Type


Beginning tax year 2018: 

Limitation on personal casualty and theft losses. Personal casualty and theft losses of an individual sustained in a tax year beginning after 2017 are deductible only to the extent they're attributable to a federally declared disaster. The loss deduction is subject to the $100 per casualty and 10% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) limitations.  See Pub 547 for more information.


Prior years:

Duration - Long-Term and Short-Term

The holding period for long-term gains and losses is more than 1 year.  For short-term gains and losses, it is 1 year or less. To figure the holding period, begin counting on the day after you received the property and include the day the casualty or theft occurred.

Property Types 

Select the appropriate property type below.

Section A: Personal Use Property

Section B: Business and Income-Producing Property

For details on the treatment of casualties or thefts to business or income-producing property, including rules on the loss of inventory through casualty or theft, see Publication 547.

If you had a casualty or theft loss involving a home you used for business or rented out, your deductible loss may be limited.

See IRS Instruction for Form 4684 for more information.

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