Nebraska Form 3800N Credit

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Nebraska Form 3800N Credit



The purposes of the Nebraska Incentives Credit Computation, Form 3800N, are to:

• Identify the incentive program for which each tax credit is claimed;

• Identify the amount of tax credits used from each program;

• Identify the specific project from which the tax credits were received; and

• Distinguish between refundable and nonrefundable incentive tax credits.

Who Must File. Every taxpayer must complete the Form 3800N, to use the following credits:

• Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise credit;

• Renewable Energy Tax credit;

• Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act credit;

• Nebraska Advantage Research and Development Act credit;

• New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC);

• Nebraska Historic Tax Credit (NHTC);

• Nebraska Affordable Housing Tax Credit (AHTC);

• Biodiesel Facility credit;

• Employment and Investment Growth Act (LB 775) credit; and

• Nebraska Advantage Act (LB 312) credit.

Note: When claiming nonrefundable credits, the credits should be used in the order listed above.

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