How do I pay the taxes I owe?

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How do I pay the taxes I owe?



Below are the options you have for paying the taxes you owe to the IRS:

  1. You can simply fill in the requested information during the interview process to have the amount withdrawn from your checking or savings account. This option is called electronic funds withdrawal or EFW. No fees apply. The IRS does a direct debit from your account.
  2. You can print a payment voucher (Form 1040-V) to send in with your check or money order.  If you use to file your return, a 1040-V can be found in the forms list, click on View/Print forms.  No fees apply.
  3. You can choose to complete an installment agreement and submit it to the IRS with your return. Remember that all tax not paid by the deadline is subject to penalties and interest by the IRS.  (If you do not complete this in the software, you must go to to complete)
  4. You may  pay by credit card. For more information, go to: Fees may apply
  5. You can call Official Payments Corporation 1-800-2PAYTAX or 1-800-272-9829. Fees may apply


If your state offers EFW (online debit payment), during the interview process we will allow you to choose that option and enter your checking or savings account information or we will provide you with the access to print the proper payment method for your state.  If you do not elect this option when filing your return, you cannot come back and change it later but will need to visit your state's website for payment options.

Please Note: We (OLT) DO NOT accept credit card payments for taxes due on behalf of the IRS or any state department.


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