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Changing a Delivery Address

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What information does Payville USA need when changing a package delivery address?


If you are moving, going out of business, or you would just like your payroll package delivered to a different address, we will gladly change your package delivery label and update our system. Please let your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR) know of any change of addresses or change of contact information. 

What we need from you

  • New delivery address
  • Updated delivery method/service if applicable. Please read the article Tracking my payroll package for more info on delivery times and services.
  • Updated Contact information. Please provide us with a cell phone number so we can better assist with delivery issues that may arise.
  • If no one is on location at the time of delivery, is there a safe place to leave the package (Mailslot, under a door, ect?)
  • Any special delivery instructions for the driver.
  • Is this a one time change or is this change applicable moving forward?
  • Is this address going to be used for the delivery of any tax forms in addition to payroll moving forward? (W2's, Quarterlies, ect)?


Locking/ wall mounting mailboxes can be purchased for $50.00 if there is no safe place to leave your package. Please ask for CXR if you would like to purchase a mailbox.

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