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Tracking my payroll package

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When will my payroll package be delivered?


The time of delivery for your payroll package depends on which delivery service you have selected to use.

UDS Courier Delivery Times

Please contact your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR) to get the most up to date delivery time for your package. Accurate delivery times cannot be looked up online. If you selected to use United Delivery service for your package, an exact delivery time is not guaranteed. Drivers may start delivering packages as early as 7am and have until 2pm to deliver your package. The only exception for this is during the week of a holiday or unexpected bad weather.

Important info about UDS

UDS drivers do their best to follow the delivery instructions we place on your delivery label such as requests for specific delivery times and other special instructions. Most of the time, you will have a regular driver who does the same route every day. But, keep in mind that UDS may switch drivers at any time as well as switch routes at any time, thus delaying the arrival of your package OR delivering it earlier than expected. It is important to provide us with a safe place to leave your package in case the driver attempts to make a delivery and there is no one on location. Drivers are NOT authorized to leave any package in an unsecured location unless permission is given to us by the payroll contact! If we cannot get in contact with you within 5 minutes of an attempted delivery, the driver has to move on with your package. You will be charged a redelivery fee or other same day delivery fees to get you your package on time.  A safe place is defined as an area out of reach of the public or outside weather such as in a mailbox, mail slot, or under a door. You can purchase a locking mailbox from us if there is not a safe place to leave your package.

UPS delivery times

Delivery times depend on which service you have selected with UPS. A business day is defined as Monday-Friday not including federal holidays. UPS does not deliver on federal holidays. Click here for more information on federal holidays. Please keep in mind that bad weather may delay the arrival of your package. It also should be noted that UPS may leave your package outside or on doorsteps as per their policy if no one is on location at the time of delivery.

UPS next day air- Your package is guaranteed next day by 10:30am Monday-Friday
UPS 2and Day air- Your package is guaranteed by the end of the second business day regardless of delivery zipe code Monday-Friday
UPS Ground- Your package delivery time depends on the delivery zip code. Please see the map below for a more accurate picture of delivery times based on your location.


Yellow indicates end of next business day
Gold indicates end of second business day
Green indicates end of 3 business days
Red indicates end of 4 business days
Orange indicates end of 5 business days (Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and certain west coast areas)

Note: To get tracking information for any UPS package, please contact your CXR

Saturday Deliveries

If you have elected to have your package delivered on Saturday, please click here to view important information about Saturday deliveries.

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