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Directi-Pay Employee Authorization Form

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How do I enroll my employee in direct deposit or make bank account changes?

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Since direct deposit is such a convenient way to pay employees, we try to make it easy to enroll employees. There is no waiting or prefunding requirement for new employee bank accounts. Changes can be made at any time

Provide the following documents to your Client Experience Representative (CXR) to get your employee enrolled:

  • Have the employee complete the Directi-Pay Authorization Form in it's entirety
  • Have the employee provide you with a voided copy of their personal check for the account they would like the deposit made

Voided Check Example

  • Email or fax (630-368-3900) both documents to your assigned CXR prior to the payroll in which the employee would like the information activated.
  • If an employee does not have a voided check, a bank letter or spec sheet are adequate substitues.

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