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Hawaii Other Subtractions

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Hawaii Other Subtractions


Other Hawaii Subtractions From Federal AGI

This line is used to report other items that are taxed by the federal government but are not taxed by Hawaii, such as:

• Interest on federal obligations, including U.S. Savings Bonds.

• Differences in the taxable portion of the Hawaii tax refund.

• Interest earned on an Individual Housing Account.

• Compensation earned by patients with Hansen’s disease.

• Expenses not allowed on your federal return because they were connected with federal credits.

• Unearned income of children that you included in your federal return, if the children are filing Hawaii returns.

• Benefits from or premiums paid to legal services plans.

• Differences in the deduction for student loan interest.

• Differences in the taxable portion of employer-provided adoption benefits.

• Certain income from a qualified high technology business.

• Contributions to and interest earned by an individual development account.

• Section 235-7(a)(14), HRS, capital gain. • Undistributed income earned by certain foreign corporations.

• Other adjustments.


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