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Colorado Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund

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Colorado Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund



Efforts to protect our nongame wildlife—animals that are not hunted or fished—depend on your generosity. Please contribute to the Colorado Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund on your Colorado state income tax return.

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Money given through the Colorado Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund has helped the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) support dozens of programs that help ensure the survival of Colorado's threatened and endangered animals. We have taken a proactive and comprehensive approach to endangered species conservation in Colorado, striving to preserve our tremendous biological resources and reduce the burden of federal regulations.

Thanks to contributions of Colorado's taxpayers through the income tax checkoff program:


  • River otters have been reintroduced to the state, expanded their range in Colorado river basins, and are almost ready to be removed from the threatened and endangered list;
  • Over 200 Canada lynx were reintroduced into Colorado in what has been touted as the most successful large cat reintroduction, ever, in the United States. From the 100 cats believed to have survived, the CDOW has documented 43 dens and 126 kittens since 2003;
  • Boreal toad eggs and tadpoles produced at Mumma Native Aquatic Species facility are being released into suitable habitats in Rocky Mountain National Park and northern Colorado;
  • Almost 1,000 acres of wetlands and nine miles of streams were restored or enhanced in 2009;
  • Despite concerns over potential declines, the CDOW has found pika, northern leopard frogs, and black-tailed prairie dog colonies to still be well-distributed in the state;
  • Population surveys to evaluate trends and research to understand threats and guide conservation actions continue for sage-grouse, boreal toad, lynx, eastern plains fishes, mountain plover, black-footed ferrets, and prairie dogs.

Colorado Division of Wildlife

Your support is essential for the Colorado Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund and its worthy recipients. You can really make a difference in the future of Colorado's nongame wildlife.

Before you mail in your Colorado income tax return, why not think of Colorado's threatened and endangered wildlife. Help us to help them; Colorado wildlife is your wildlife.

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