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How do I determine my residency status for Idaho?

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How do I determine my residency status for Idaho?


Are you a resident, a nonresident, or a part-year resident? The following will help you decide:

You are an Idaho resident, even though you live outside Idaho, if the following are true:

  • You think of Idaho as your permanent home
  • Idaho is the center of your financial, social, and family life
  • Idaho is the place you intend to return to when you are away

You are also an Idaho resident if the following are true:

  • You maintained a home in Idaho the entire year
  • You spent more than 270 days in Idaho during the tax year

You are a nonresident if your permanent home is outside of Idaho all year.

You are a part-year resident if you moved into or out of Idaho during the tax year.

You are still a resident if:

  • You temporarily moved outside of Idaho, or
  • You moved back to Idaho after a temporary absence.

You are considered a nonresident if all of the following are true:

  • You are an Idaho resident who lived outside of Idaho for at least 445 days in a 15-month period.
  • After satisfying the 15-month period, you spent less than 60 days in Idaho during the year.
  • You didn't have a personal residence in Idaho for yourself or your family during any part of the year.
  • You didn't claim Idaho as your federal tax home.
  • You weren't employed on the staff of a U.S. senator or representative.
  • You didn't hold an elective or appointive office of the U.S. Government other than the armed forces or a career appointment
    in the U.S. Foreign Service.This exception to being a resident of Idaho doesn't apply to a qualified servicemember.

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