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Rhode Island Other Modifications Increasing AGI

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Rhode Island Other Modifications Increasing AGI


Modifications INCREASING Federal AGI:

Line 1a – Income from obligations of any state or its political subdivision, other than Rhode Island under RIGL §44-30-12(b)(1) and §44-30-12(b)(2).

Line 1b – Rhode Island fiduciary adjustment under RIGL §44-30-17. A fiduciary adjustment is allowed for a beneficiary for income that maintains its character as it flows from the fiduciary. For example, if the estate or trust has municipal bond interest from a state other than Rhode Island, the beneficiary would be allowed an adjustment for that municipal bond interest and would list that fiduciary adjustment on this line.

Line 1c – Recapture of Family Education Account Modifications under RIGL §44-30-25(g).

Line 1d – Bonus depreciation that has been taken for federal purposes that must be added back to Rhode Island income under RIGL §44-61-1.

Line 1e – Recapture of Tuition Savings Program modifications (section 529 accounts) under RIGL §44-30-12(b)(4).

Line 1f – Recapture of Historic Structures - Tax Credit, Historic Preservation Tax Credits 2013, Motion Picture Production Tax Credit or Musical and Theatrical Production Tax Credit under RIGL §44-33.2-3(e)(2), RIGL §44-33.2- 3(f), RIGL §44-31.2-9(5) and §44-31.3-2, respectively.

Line 1g – Recapture of Scituate Medical Savings Account modifications under RIGL §44-30-25.1(d)(3)(i).


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