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Oklahoma Nonresident Spouse

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How Do I File a Joint Tax Return if One of the Residents is an Oklahoma Nonresident Spouse?


The filing status for Oklahoma purposes is the same as on the federal income tax return, with one exception. This exception applies to married taxpayers who file a joint federal return where one spouse is an Oklahoma resident (either civilian or military), and the other is a nonresident civilian (non-military). In this case the taxpayer must either:

  • File as Oklahoma married filing separate. The Oklahoma resident, filing a joint federal return with a nonresident civilian spouse, may file an Oklahoma return as married filing separate. The resident will file on Form 511 using the married filing separate rates and reporting only his/her income and deductions. If the nonresident civilian has an Oklahoma filing requirement, he/she will file on Form 511NR, using married filing separate rates and reporting his/her income and deductions. Form 574 “Allocation of Income and Deductions” must be filed with the return(s). You
    can obtain this form from our website at


  • File as if both the resident and the nonresident civilian were Oklahoma residents on Form 511. Use the “married filing joint” filing status, and report all income. A tax credit (Oklahoma Form 511TX) may be used to claim credit for taxes paid to the other state, if applicable. A statement should be attached to the return stating the nonresident is filing as a resident for tax purposes only. The above exception does not apply if: 1) either spouse is a part-year resident or 2) an Oklahoma resident (either civilian or military) files a joint federal return with a nonresident MILITARY spouse. They shall use the same filing status as on the federal return. If they file a joint federal return, they shall complete Form 511NR and include in the
    Oklahoma amount column, all Oklahoma source income of both spouses.

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