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Job-Expense and Most other Misc. Deduction Questions

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Job-Expense and Most other Misc. Deduction Questions


You may deduct only the part of these expenses that exceeds the amount on Form 1040, line 35. OnLine Taxes will do the calculations for you. Enter the full amount of the expense.

Examples of Expenses You May Not Deduct 

  • Political contributions
  • Personal legal expenses
  • Lost or misplaced cash or property
  • Expenses for meals during regular or extra work hours
  • The cost of entertaining friends
  • Commuting expenses. See Pub. 529 for the definition of commuting
  • Travel expenses for employment away from home if that period of employment exceeds 1 year. See Pub. 529 for an exception for certain Federal employees
  • Travel as a form of education
  • Expenses of attending a seminar, convention, or similar meeting unless it is related to your employment
  • Expenses of adopting a child. You may also be able to take a credit for adoption expenses
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Expenses of producing tax-exempt income

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