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Resident State

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Resident State


You must select a resident state. If you are filing multiple state returns, please select the state of which you are currently a resident.

Your resident state is where you maintain your domicile (living quarters) but you may file your return, if required as a part year or non resident depending on how long you have been there in the tax year. 

*Your domicile is your true, fixed, and permanent home to which, whenever absent, you intend to return. You can be physically present or residing in one locality but maintain your domicile in another. Your domicile, once established, does not change unless all three of the following circumstances occur or exist:

  1. You intend to abandon your old domicile and take actions consistent with that intent, and
  2. You intend to acquire a new domicile and take actions consistent with that intent, and
  3. You are physically present in the new domicile.

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