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My printhead or cartridge is defective. What can I do? (LX900 - LX1000 - LX2000)

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My printhead or cartridge is defective. What can I do? (LX900 - LX1000 - LX2000)


If you think your cartridge or printhead is defective, please contact tech support to arrange for a replacement.  Tech support may ask you to perform troubleshooting before sending a replacement cartridge or printhead.

See this article to view the troubleshooting you will be asked to perform.  It is possible that the printhead or cartridge is not defective.  This article may actually help solve the problem.

Notes on Ink or Printhead Replacement

  • All replacements for defective cartridges or printheads must be processed through Tech Support. 
  • To receive replacements, you may be required to send in your defective cartridges/Printhead.
  • Tech Support will perform the cleaning procedures and tests mentioned in the article above. 
  • Tech Support will not replace cartridges with less than 50% ink remaining.
  • Tech Support will not replace Printheads that display 0% Life Remaining. 
  • Printheads with life remaining may be replaced depending on the description and circumstances of the failure at the discretion of Primera Tech Support.
  • Before a replacement is sent, Primera may attempt to manually clean the print head using an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner following these instructions.

Printhead Life

LX900 - The estimated printhead life is approximately 26 black or 32 (of any) color cartridge changes whichever comes first for or LX900.* 

LX2000/LX1000 - Estimated printhead life for the LX2000/LX1000 is 53 black cartridges or 65 (of any) color cartridges for LX2000 whichever comes first.*

*This is not a guarantee of printhead life.  The printhead could last longer or shorter than this depending on many environmental and use factors.  Print Head life is displayed in the status monitor:

To ensure uninterrupted printing capability, purchase a backup printhead now.  You can purchase a printhead from our online store:

LX900 Replaceable Print Head - Part Number 53470

LX2000/LX1000 Replaceable Print Head and Setup Cartridges - Part Number 53467


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