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How do I create an enhanced CD or a CD extra using Primo DVD?

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How do I create an enhanced CD or a CD extra using Primo DVD?


How do I create an enhanced CD or a CD extra using Primo DVD?

If your goal is to put data and audio on the same disc, a CD Extra is the best choice. CD Extra is an intelligent way to create mixed CD without the drawback of the standard Mixed Mode (just one session where the first track is data and the others are audio) which is the possibility to hear noise when the consumer player will try to "play" the data track.

A CD Extra (also called Enhanced CD) is a special Audio CD that contains an additional data session. This disc contains standard audio tracks and CD-ROM content. A CD Extra contains a first session with the audio tracks. Then, there is a second session, usually closed XA, with a Mode 2 XA data track inside.

When you insert the disc into a consumer audio player, it will only see the first session and play the audio correctly. If you put the disc into a drive on a computer, it will detect the second session and play or display the data content whatever it may be.

To create a CD Extra you need to record in two separate sessions. For this reason it is recommended that you only use this process to create your master. Once you verify it was recorded properly, then create a global image of the CD Extra CD and use that image to create all subsequent copies.

1. Create an Audio Job, with all the required WAV (or MP3) tracks. Select Recording Options in the Edit menu and, in the field Recording Type, choose Track At Once (TAO) Not Closed. Refer to this article for information on creating an Audio CD.

2. Record the Audio Job on a blank disc.

3. Create a Data Job with the required files. Select Recording Options. This time, choose Track At Once (TAO) Closed and set the Mode as Mode 2 XA. Click here for information on creating a Data Job and editing Recording options.

4. Record the Data Job on the same disc as the audio disc. Make sure that you have enough room left for the additional data.

5. After you have tested the CD for proper operation, create a Global Image of the disc and use the Image job type to record the copies. Both of these procedures are described in this article.

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