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I can't print to my Z1.

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I can't print to my Z1.


I can't print to my Z1. 

1. Cables. Ensure both the power cable and the USB cable are plugged correctly into the unit and the USB cable is connected to the PC.

2. Driver. The driver may not have installed correctly especially if it was cancelled after the Windows logo testing prompt. See this article.

3. Software Installation. Make sure the installation disc is in the drive and the Z1 is powered on when you first connect the USB cable to the Z1. At this point a found new hardware screen should appear. If it does not, try rebooting the PC and repeating the installation process. Also, try the procedure for deleting the driver outlined in this article.

4. USB Cable/Port. Make sure the USB cable is not connected to a hub or a pass-through port. Also, avoid using USB extension cables and avoid plugging the USB cable into the front of the computer. Often there is an internal Hub in the PC that connects to the front of the PC. Finally, try another USB port or cable.

5. Thermal Media. Certain ink-jet printable media (CD or DVD) may give the impression that the Z1 is not printing on the disc. (The print head moves over the disc but nothing is printed.) This is usually due to an incorrect printable surface. Ink-jet media is not smooth enough to allow the Z1 to print. You must use Thermal Printable Media. 

6. Alternate PC. Try another computer.

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