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Calculating Wisconsin Disability Income Exclusion

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Calculating Wisconsin Disability Income Exclusion


 Disability Income Exclusion

If  you are retired on permanent and total disability and have included your disability income on line 1 of Form 1, you may be able to subtract up to $5,200 of your disability income.

You must meet ALL these tests:

• You did not reach mandatory retirement age before January 1, 2021

• You were under age 65 on December 31, 2021

• You were permanently and totally disabled on one of the following dates:

a. The date you retired

b. January 1, 1976, or January 1, 1977, if you retired before January 1, 1977, on disability or under circumstances which entitled you to retire on disability

• If you were married at the end of 2021, you must file a joint return

• You did not in any year prior to 1984 choose to treat your disability income as a pension instead of taking the exclusion

• Your federal adjusted gross income is less than $20,200 ($25,400 if married and both spouses are eligible)

Compute your exclusion on Wisconsin Schedule 2440W, Disability Income Exclusion. Enclose Schedule 2440W with your Schedule SB. See page 10 of the Form 1 instructions for information on how to get this schedule.

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