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Homestead Credit

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Homestead Credit


The Wisconsin homestead credit program provides direct relief to homeowners and renters.

You may qualify if you were: – At least 18 years old on December 31, 2021

– If you were under age 62, and not disabled, you must have earned income to qualify

– A legal resident of Wisconsin for all of 2021 – Not claimed as a dependent on anyone’s 2021 federal tax return (unless you were 62 or older on December 31, 2021)

– Not living in tax-exempt public housing for all of 2021 (Note: Some exceptions apply to this rule and are explained in the instructions for the homestead credit schedule)

– Not living in a nursing home and receiving medical assistance (Title XIX) when you file for homestead credit – Had total household income, including wages, interest, social security, and income from certain other sources, below $24,680 in 2021

If you (or your spouse if married) claim the veterans and surviving spouses property tax credit or farmland preservation credit, you are not eligible for homestead credit.

For more information about homestead credit, contact our Homestead Unit in Madison at (608) 266-8641 or any department office. See page 10 for information on obtaining Schedule H or H‑EZ, which you must complete to apply for the credit. Schedules H and H‑EZ are also available at many libraries.

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