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Nebraska Active Military Pay

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Is Nebraska Active Military Pay Subject to Income Tax?


Active Duty Military Servicemembers.

Your active duty military pay is taxed only by the state where you are a legal resident. Your place of legal residence at the time of entry into the service is presumed to be your state of legal residence. Your state of legal residence stays the same until it is established in another state. Moving to a new location for a limited period of time, including a permanent change of station, does not change your legal residence. Nebraska income tax is imposed on the total federal adjusted gross income (AGI) of a Nebraska resident who is a member of the uniformed services, regardless of where the income is received.

Check the box “Active Military” on Form 1040N if you or your spouse were active military servicemembers at any time during the tax year (including National Guard or Reserve personnel called to active duty). Taxpayers receiving combat pay have the same extended due date for filing a Nebraska return as for the federal return.

Military pay received by a nonresident servicemember stationed in Nebraska is not subject to Nebraska income tax. Other income derived from Nebraska sources by a servicemember, such as income earned from a separate job not connected with the servicemember’s military service, is subject to Nebraska income tax. See special instructions for line 19, Nebraska Schedule I.

The federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides that Nebraska cannot tax the income of a nonresident servicemember’s spouse when the spouse has the same state of residence as the servicemember and is in Nebraska only in support of the servicemember. A Nebraska resident servicemember’s spouse, who is also a Nebraska resident and who works and resides in another state, is required to file a Nebraska income tax return. More information is available in the instructions for line 19, Nebraska Schedule I, and line 1, Nebraska Schedule III, or on DOR’s website

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