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Michigan Additions

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Michigan Additions



The following additions are claimed on your Schedule 1; total additions are carried forward to your MI-1040. The Schedule 1 line reference follows the addition listed below.

Non-buesiness gross interest, dividends, and income from obligations or securities of states and their political subdivisions other than Michigan

Deduction taken on your federal return for self-employment tax or other taxes on or measured by income

Capital gains from the Michigan column of the MI-1040D or MI-4797

Certain losses from a business or property located in another state

Net loss from the federal column of your Michigan MI-1040D or MI-4797

Gross expenses from Michigan oil and gas activity and nonferrous metallic minerals extraction

Net operating loss deduction used to reduce AGI

Money withdrawn in the tax year from a Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP) account if the withdrawal was not a qualified withdrawal as provided in the MESP Act

Refund received from a Michigan Education Trust (MET) contract

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