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I have a dependent care error.

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I have a dependent care error.


If your error indicates that someone else has already claimed the Child or Dependent Care Credit for one of your dependents, this can happen when there is joint custody of a child and a misunderstanding on who will claim the dependent or who will be able to take the child care credit. The IRS allows a SSN to be claimed only once during each tax year. You may not split the credit for a dependent with another individual. For joint custody purposes you must decide which parent will claim the child as a dependent and the child care credit each year.  If you are not able to claim the child as a dependent, you cannot take a dependent care credit.

How to correct this error: 

From our homepage, click on sign in to acess your account.  Select the current return that is rejected.

If you did not have the right to claim this credit, select the Credits Summary tab on the left margin of the page then scroll down to the Child and Dependent Care Credit screen where you will revisit and delete the entry.

If you did have the right to claim this credit you will need to paper file this year to dispute the claim with the IRS. You will do this by clicking on the Tax Summary tab on the top of the page and then save and continue to the forms to print and mail your forms. Please note that you must include all income reporting documents, W-2's, 1099's, etc, when paperfiling.

Once you have made your correction you will then save and continue to the end of your return and resubmit.

*We strongly recommend checking the status of your return in 24-48 hours using the Login to My Income Tax Return link to verify that your return has been accepted.

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