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I owe Colorado. What are my payment options?

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I owe Colorado. What are my payment options?


If you owe tax, a payment voucher will be included with your forms to mail payment. 

If possible, pay part of the balance due with your voucher to minimize the penalty and interest you will owe. You will be mailed a bill for the balance.

For the state of Colorado, you have three payment options

- Pay Online— After submitting your return on Revenue Online, you will be given the opportunity to submit an online payment with your credit card, e-check, or by EFT. A nominal processing fee may apply. If you file a paper return, you may still choose to pay electronically. Visit our Web site for details.

-  Pay by Mail— If filing by Revenue Online or other electronic filing method and you wish to send a check or money order, complete the DR 0900 and mail with your payment. Make payable to Colorado Department of Revenue, and clearly write your Social Security number and “20XX Form 104” on the memo line. Be sure to keep a copy of the money order or note the check number with your tax records. If filing a paper return, enclose your check or money order in the envelope provided and mail with your return. 

- Payment Plan— The Department will issue a bill for any unpaid balance due. When you receive the bill you may set up a payment plan as instructed on the bill. Any assessment made by the Department will likely include delinquent payment penalty and interest. The only way to avoid paying penalty and interest is to pay in full before April 15.


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