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How do I file an amended return for Arkansas?

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How do I file an amended return for Arkansas?


If filing an amended return, check the box at the top right corner of Form AR1000F/ AR1000NR/AR1000S (the software will check this). Complete the  return, replacing the incorrect entries from your original return with the amended entries.   Attach an explanation and supporting  documentation for items changed.  (Do not file an amended return until after your original return has been processed.)

Amended return needed:

• to make changes or adjustments to your original return

• if the IRS examines your federal return for any tax year and changes your net taxable income (required to file an Arkansas amended return within 180 days of IRS notification)

Amended return NOT needed:

• to correct an address (You must provide a completed Individual Income Tax Account Change Form located on our website at www.dfa.arkansas.gov)

• to correct a Social Security Number  (Call (501) 682-1100 or write to Individual Income Tax Section, P.O. Box 3628, Little Rock, AR 72203. You may be asked to provide documentation.)

• if you are notified by the Income Tax Section that there is an error on your original return

• if filing a federal amended return with no impact on your Arkansas income tax return

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