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Who is SBTPG? Santa Barbara Tax Products Group

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Who is SBTPG? Santa Barbara Tax Products Group


Santa Barbara Tax Products Group provides a service to OLT customers who wish to file their return electronically without a credit card or pay pal account.  This is called a Refund Transfer (RT) because you are authorizing the IRS to transfer your refund to SBTPG so they can collect our payment ($7.95-$9.95 per return) for us and then pay out the remainder after the fees to you.  The bank does charge a fee for that service of $29.95.  If you wish to avoid that fee, you must use a credit card or Pay Pal account before proceeding to submit your return(s).  Once you select to pay from refund and your return is accepted, you cannot get a refund of the bank charge. OLT does not handle the refund transaction. Please contact the bank (SBTPG) with questions at that time. 

SBTPG website https://cisc.sbtpg.com/, or call 1-877-908-7228.

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