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How Can I Amend my Nebraska State Taxes?

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How Can I Amend my Nebraska State Taxes?


Amended Return, Form 1040XN.
If information on a previously filed Nebraska income tax return is incorrect, you must file an Amended Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return, Form 1040XN. When filing Form 1040XN remember:

1. Changes made by the IRS or another state must be reported to the Department within 60 days;
2. Form 1040XN is year-specific. Please be sure to use the correct form for the tax year you are amending. The proper forms can be found on our Web site;
3. If you are also amending with the IRS, you must attach a copy of Federal Form 1040X and all forms or documentation to explain the changes shown on Form 1040XN; and
4. In Column A of the 1040XN, copy ALL figures from the return last filed for the tax year being corrected.

Penalty and Interest.
 Either or both may be imposed under the following conditions:

1. Failure to file a return and pay the tax due on or before the due date;
2. Failure to pay the tax due on or before the due date;
3. Failure to file an amended Nebraska income tax return to report changes made to your federal income tax return;
4. Preparing or filing a fraudulent income tax return; or
5. Understatement of income on an income tax return.

The amounts reported on your Nebraska return, even if taken from your federal return, will not relieve you from the penalty for an inaccurate return or for filing a false or fraudulent return. The interest rate for any unpaid tax is five percent, and it is calculated from the due date of the original 1040N until the tax is paid.

See Revenue Ruling 99-08-4 for applicable interest rates.

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