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What do I do if my banking information is wrong?

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What do I do if my banking information is wrong?


If your return has not been accepted, you simply need to correct your banking information before submitting. Return to the tax summary page of the federal and state return to make corrections.

If your account number has changed or was entered incorrectly it will depend on the method you chose to have your refund disbursed to you as to how you will proceed. If you wanted a direct deposit directly from the IRS and your return is already accepted by the IRS you have no option to correct the banking information. The IRS will attempt to deposit into the account you indicated in the return. When they do not match the account holders name, SSN and account number they will cut a paper check and mail it to the address listed for the primary taxpayer on the return. Please note this will delay your refund.

If you chose a bank product you may contact SBBT to correct this. Corrections to your bank account information can be made as long as Santa Barbara Bank & Trust (SBBT) has not yet disbursed funds to you or received refunds from a rejected ACH transfer. If neither of these events have occurred and you need to change your bank account number, please fax SBBT a copy of your bank statement or voided check showing correct RTN and DAN (along with your phone number and SSN) to: (858) 458-3286, Attn: ACH Corrections. If unresolved, Santa Barbara Bank & Trust will print a cashier's check and send it to your mailing address on file. This would be the mailing address you listed in the return for the primary taxpayer information. Please note this will create a charge of $14 and will delay your refund.

Remember if you did not select one of these payment options and your return has been accepted, you will not be able to correct the mistake. We suggest that you contact your bank to find out what their policies are regarding this. Most likely, your bank will return the undepositable refund and then a check will be mailed to the address on your return. Please contact the IRS or applicable state.

Our company is not provided with any information regarding your return once it has been submitted to the IRS.

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